Not support though.  Bugs.
In my book, they are opposite ends of the spectrum.
And a company that ignores bug reports because they don't come through 
"approved" channels is heading in the direction of Netscape and Liquid Audio.

I agree there are consultants who know tricks and make customers pay for not 
only their knowledge of those tricks, but the hours it took them, perhaps 
unpaid, to acquire that knowledge.  But to make the 20th customer pay the same 
hours as the 19th customer did, is really a bit shocking.

That *some* people in the professional services world, wish that user groups 
didn't exist, so they could keep charging high prices for simple questions... 
is perhaps too bad on them.


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> So I see no reason really why it cannot be done through *this* channel.

Money. People pay for support. This list is free and potentially open to
people who don't pay AMC or support. As David rightly says, this is not a
Rocket Support Forum and we need to be mindful of that.

That's been part of the battle the user group has had with IBM and Rocket
over the years, as there are people in professional services who tend to
view us as giving away things they would want to charge for (e.g. education,
assistance, etc.). We have to keep reminding them that we are ancillary and
not a replacement for services.

It's got better (and the contributions from people like Wally and Dan are a
real bonus and highly appreciated) but words like 'support' are red flags.

Of course if members of Rocket who care about the products choose to monitor
this list and to feed back any bugs - good on them :)


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That *proactive* approach should be enhanced to include monitoring and
logging cases of bugs.
You do have the email of the person who reported it, it's posted right here.
So I see no reason really why it cannot be done through *this* channel.

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