Great input, Tony.

But be warned WJ, if your client PCs are external to your network, then
Private Addressing and NAT may make this whole exercise nugatory.
For example, if your host network / server is on your 10.x.y.z (or
192.168.a.b) and your remote client is on his 10.x.y.y (or 192.168.a.c),
then you may end up resolving the name for the remote client as being
whatever has 10.x.y.y (or 192.168.a.c) assigned on its local network. 
IPv4 addresses are legitimately non-unique.



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Here are a number of ways to link a telnet client into UV back to its
respective hostname. There's some redundancy here as not all commands
work everywhere.


I'm sure none of that was helpful to WJ who will say "no, that's not
it at all, what I really want is..." but I trust it will benefit
someone else.

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