Has anyone else here observed this behavior for Universe 11.1.3 on a OS other 
than HP-UX ?

Sometimes, @TIME will report an incorrect internal time.  When I first observed 
this behavior, I changed my use of @TIME for a call to TIME().  It fixed the 
problem on one HP-UX server I was working on, but when I installed the program 
on a different HP-UX server, TIME() now sometimes reported an incorrect 
internal time.  For example, it was around 6:00 am but the time reported was 
for about 4:00 am.

I fixed the problem on that server by replacing TIME() by 

We have a setup for temporary locks that expire after a given time these 
temporary locks were being created as already expired.  It's a problem when a 
server can't determine the correct internal time.


Jacques G.
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