We have a user on our system who's not an admin, just a regular user on the 
server. When he tries to execute a UVRESTORE he gets the
following error:

Warning: Access list denial: Function UVBACKUP, File 
WARNING: Unable to open file 'c:\<universe_region>/<file_name>'.  Not restored.

I read an old thread that said for a regular user to be able to do these type 
of restores they had to edit UV.ACCESS (see below)

In regards to backup, we use uvrestore and backup as a normal user. To be
able to do that, we had to modify the UV.BACKUP item in file UV.ACCESS (in
the UV.ACCONT). We added the user id in attribute 1 and "WRITE" in attribute
2.  I also noticed that you must have write permission to be able to backup
a file.


SELECTed record name = "UVBACKUP".
2 lines long.

----: P
0001: uvadmrootNT AUTHORITY\systemkkbkupbernardl
Bottom at line 2. 

My question is how do I edit the UV.BACKUP item in the UV.ACCESS file to 
achieve this? 



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