Hi Will,

I think the biggest *con* you might come up against will be concurrency issues 
with multiple processes writing to the one central location.
If you had a solution where each session log is unique amongst all processes 
then that would work very well.

You will still need to clean it out though whether it be one big centralised 
dir or one for each account. As others have indicated, and if you run a unix 
box, then an overnight cron job to find and clean out any &COMO& dirs older 
than a set number of days would an option for you. I would suggest that you 
identify any logs that were important historically to you and roll them first. 
Probably zipping them up and moving them to an archive area would be viable. 
Google may even cough up a log rotate script that you could adapt.


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By default, Universe will create several files in each account you create.  
Like &SAVEDLISTS&, and &ED&... one of these default files is &COMO& which is 
where you can stick session logs.

We use this constantly to monitor the output of phantoms, for review and 
debugging the next day.  The logs are emailed to myself and some other 
programmers here.

By altering the VOC entries in the accounts, we could have a central, universal 
COMO for all accounts, instead of one for each account.

I see a *pro* in this, for the ease of cleaning up old logs from years ago, 
obviously no longer needed, which can be done from the O/S level.  What might 
be a *con* ?

Will Johnson
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