Everything is strait forward except the wait until logic.  That can get very
complex if you want to.

RECORDLOCKED(file.var, - Returns record lock status, 0 if not
MATREADU or READU or RECORDLOCKU - Will lock a record.*
MATWRITE or WRITE or RELEASE - Will unlock a record.

*Note you can use GETUSERNAME(STATUS()) to see who has it locked.

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Hi all,

I have not looked at the world of record locks since my R83 Pick days.  I'm
hoping to add the ability for the program I'm working on to:

        * Check if a record is locked
        * Wait until the lock is removed
        * Once the lock is removed, or if the record is not locked:
        * Lock the record
        * Perform the WRITE statement
I'm hoping someone can share an example of how to accomplish this in

Thank you,

Jon Wells
Campbell University
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