On 11/03/2013 17:16, Woodward, Bob wrote:
An interesting note is using the OCONV(IDATE,'D-YMD[2,2,2]') format, the
dash can be replaced with the digits 5 to 9 but using the digits 0 to 4
result in an output delimited with a space.  Would have been acceptable
(and nice) to have been able to get 13003011 but oh well.  I guess I
could use 'D5YMD[2,2,2]' to give me the value 13503511 just as well.
That's because the first character after the D is not specified as the delimiter, but as the year length. And as is usual for Pick, if it doesn't make sense Pick assumes that that "argument" isn't there and pushes it back one in the list.

Because 5 is not a valid year length, it gets pushed back to the delimiter place.

Try "D44YMD" and see if that works ... :-)

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