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Wow, what an awesome set of responses. Thank you VERY much.

There are consistent opinions in many of the responses. So I hope all of you
will forgive if I respond to my own post here with a new sub-thread, and
with another blog, as I wanted to keep all of the thoughts together.
In summary, what We think about social media is unimportant. What is
important is, that is where other people are, so that is where we should be
too. I'd be interested to know if this second blog entry prompts any

I recognize that this isn't directly a U2 topic. This is more of an industry
topic, of which U2 users are a part. Increasingly, U2 is becoming less
associated with the MV industry and more a self-contained industry of its
own. I don't think that's the right direction. We all lose personally, and
"the industry" suffers, because there are so few common places where MV/Pick
users congregate. I'm encouraging people to broaden the horizons rather than
furthering the contraction. Our scope as more diversified professionals
shouldn't be limited to any one group, or just to U2 groups in different web

In this forum in the past, we've discussed the merits of email versus
browser-based forums, Usenet, Google Groups, etc. The passionate preferences
expressed for all of these media is exactly the same as that expressed, for
or against the various social media. I'm suggesting that now the question is
not just "which forum" but what other media should we consider in addition
to forums? It's almost the next inevitable question ...

Twitter is OK for some purposes, not others. Same with LinkedIn, etc.
No one medium is good for all purposes.  I think everyone should give proper
consideration to each venue, individually, on its merits as a tool for
providing and receiving specific kinds of information.

Your (really really verbose, thankful, and apologetic) colleague  :)

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