I would suggest tab-delimited instead of csv, then give the file an xls 
extension.  This usually pulls up the fat with much fewer mouse clicks.

John Israel

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On Mar 22, 2013, at 12:17 PM, "Tony Gravagno" <3xk547...@sneakemail.com> wrote:

> From: Sathya 
>> Hi experts..
>> I have one problem in creatin a spreadsheet report with date format.
>> One of the column in the spreadsheet is a date and it is displaying
> as
>> numbers. Please help me in printing it as a date.
>> BTW I'm using OCONV to write the value to the column.
> The problem isn't with MV. When you say "spreadsheet" people here
> imply Excel, and I'm guessing that's what you mean too. What most
> people do is they generate a CSV file with no formatting and then
> expect Excel to format it in specific ways. The simple answer is, if
> you just want text in Excel, put a single quote before the value:
> 123, abc, '3/22/2013
> You can also force it to text like this using a formula:
> ="3/22"
> The immediate response might be "but I want a Date column". OK, but
> you're not doing anything to tell Excel that the column itself should
> use date formatting.
> [AD]
> This is exactly the reason why I created NebulaXLite. It gives you any
> kind of real Excel formatting of your choice for any cell, column, or
> row. With nothing but BASIC, you can:
> - use set fonts, colors, text rotation, and borders,
> - set column widths and row heights
> - merge cells, use hyperlinks, add comments to cells
> - set document properties, add multiple worksheets in a workbook
> - and documents open in Google Docs and OpenOffice
> Compare all of that (and yes, much more) to plain old delimited text.
> Lots of companies here use NebulaXLite. It's free for developers and
> only a one-time purchase price of $200 for production end-user
> systems. Support and enhancements are free.
> http://webdefence.global.blackspider.com/urlwrap/?q=AXicY3VmeNXLwHC-n4GhKKfSyDBdr7ioTC83MTMnOT-vpCg_Ry85P5ehyMjX3T3f09HAyNzI0oIhs7goMTWryCElsbIkP6-4tCC1KDO_CKwyo6SkwEpf3y81qTQnUTcozwUkql9QlJ9SmlxSrF-Rk1mSqpdRkssAAQDL-yoc&Z
> [/AD]
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