Sorry, I hate to keep bombing this with questions especially since this
might be a totally unanswerable question, but generally is fixing the
file a long process?  It's a 268mb file and it's been running for 38
minutes.  Is that typical?  Just making sure it's not something that
should have taken 38 seconds and there is something else getting in the

Been sitting here since I started it:





ERROR: Processing Primary group 3786, Overflow group 134428.

Invalid group buffer chain at address 0x1068e000.

Bad link to overflow buffer 134428.

Attempting to unlink buffer at 0x1068e000.

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I have not seen that in a long time.  Used to occasionally get it in
UniVerse on an AIX box.  I think it stands for backward link (blink).

Simply listing or selecting the file will fail when it hits the
offending data.

If you can detect the key that is failing, the "simple" solution used to
be to try to copy the record to a temp file, delete the original record
(which fixes the link), then copy it back.

If that fails, you will likely need to run the fix file utility.

Again, I have not seen this in 10 years or so, so my memory may be a
little off.

Good luck!


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Never seen this error message before, no sure on the severity but I hope
it's easy to fix:


  Computed blink of 0x765800 does not match expected blink of 0x765000!

  Detected within group starting at address 0x1068E000!  

Any input as to what I need to do to resolve it?


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