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Please join our Webinar:  Mainstream Developer Usage of MultiValue Databases

June 12, 2013 - 11:30am - 12:30pm EDT (New York)

For .NET developers wishing to access MultiValue databases, mv.NET has built a 
reputation for being the product of choice.

Any MultiValue application can be enhanced and new applications can be built 
using mv.NET without needing to move away from tried, tested and trusted 
MultiValue database technology or existing business logic.

mv.NET Solution Objects takes MultiValue application development to dazzling 
new heights and, with one simple implementation, provides developers with 
limitless ways to create amazing application interfaces using the very latest 
industry standard technologies -- HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, WPF and any other .NET 
enabled Microsoft environment.

Solution Objects allows you to create a unified, single point of access layer 
around your database platform.  This layer can then be leveraged by any kind of 
application in order provide access to your database content.  Using the 
Solution Objects layer from within the .NET environment is simple and easy and 
requires no knowledge of MultiValue database technology.

Whether you are building a browser hosted application, a mobile app, a desktop 
rich client or any other kind of service or application, Solution Objects can 
meet all of your data connectivity requirements - allowing you to utilize your 
MultiValue resources in a focused and efficient manner and also allowing you to 
continue leveraging your MultiValue database investment.  Additionally, 
organizations can utilize the massive resource pool of .NET developers to boost 
application development bandwidth and reduce development timescales.

Let BlueFinity's experts show you how easy it can be to unleash your creativity 
and create state-of-the-art, industry standard applications which can be 
deployed across any of the wide range of today's interface devices - 
workstations, browsers, handhelds, phones and other mobile devices.

With mv.NET Solution Objects, your MultiValue application can now rival the 
'mainstream' competition in terms of presentation, features, functions, 
performance, stability and efficiency!


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