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Dear U2UG members and all U2 Users,


As many have noticed, U2UG has been very quiet lately. U2UG began in the
Fall of 2003 via an exchange of ideas on the U2-USERS listserv. The concept
for a user group was to facilitate a way to unite users of the U2 products
and to provide an umbrella for 'all things U2'. The idea included a common
way to exchange ideas, discuss technical information, provide marketing
stories, share resources, and promote the technology - all from a grass
roots effort.  U2UG has benefitted from wonderful contributions by past and
present board members and from the significant contributions of the U2
community. At this juncture, 10 years later, the current board felt that it
was time to evaluate where we are, assess what we've learned, focus on where
we want to be, and how to best serve the Rocket Software user community.


As such, we have some exciting news!  With the support of Rocket Software,
we've formed The International Rocket Software Users Group or RSUG. This new
group will provide a framework for numerous special interest groups based on
specific products in Rocket's family of products. One of these SIGS will be
U2UG. In this way, U2UG can reach out to the other technology groups, help
understand those products and how we may be able to use them within our
environment, and to spread the word about U2 technology outward to these
other product groups. Examples of these special interest groups include
CorVu, Legasuite, and Aldon. We expect to have members on the RSUG board
from U2UG as well as from the other SIGS.


We'd love to have you involved. If you're interested, please contact  And please look for more announcements in the near
future. Thank you for your continued support, and for your support of all
things U2.



The Establishing Board of RSUG



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