Wow. I mean, no surprise, but ... you're nosey. :)

So "salary commensurate with requirements" but you'd like people to
guess at it anyway, even though we'll never know what it actually is.
That's a spectacular waste of time.

Having sat in one of the chairs for which they are advertising, and
with regular contact with their Support department for the decade-plus
since, I can tell you that someone who does not have the required
skills will not do well there and will therefore not survive long in
the job. So no, those are not just "would be nice to have's", with the
exception of the one item that says "a plus".

And unless you're providing a community service to U2 people who may
be looking for work, I'd suggest that this topic is more suited to the
MVDBMS group or LinkedIn than this (competing) product-specific group.


Wjhonson wrote: 
> Looking at these requirements, and the well-known phrase that salary
> is commensurate with experience.  I wonder if anyone wants to hazard
> a guess at what salary these requirements might command in Orange
> County.
> I know what they'd command in the bay area and it's not pretty :)
> Of course maybe some of these "requirements"
> are merely "would be nice to have's " ....

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