You can also see what the I-type does by 

DLIST yourfile yourdictitem

It's the equivalent of VLIST for I-Types...

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I believe the expression in the second example is referred to as a compound 

Can't put my finger on the exact documentation but I seem to recall that 
compound expressions are broken up into "parts" (for want of a better term) 
delimited by a ';' and each "part" can be referenced throughout the entire 
expression by an @ number e..g. @1 refers to the first part and the nth part is 
@n etc.

So for:

My take on how this works is the the first part of the expression (SIZE + @2) 
can be referenced later on as @1, The second part is referenced as @ (instead 
of @2) and I believe is used to refer to the result of the entire expression 
(sum of all the parts).

Can @ in this case also be referenced as @2? It probably could but would break 
the expression.

Therefore the reference to @2 is causing the expression to grab the entire 
result using contents of @ (via @2 thus keeping it separate to @) and add it to 
SIZE which then becomes the new result (@) of the expressions and the whole 
thing is repeated.

Does that sound about tight? Or have I got it way wrong?


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Can anyone explain this situation better.  I've only ever used the @ to 
simplify a few I-descriptors.

I have a dict item SIZE that is just the LEN(@RECORD)

So in this thread we've seen two EVAL solutions to a running total


In the first example is the @1 just saving the "previous result of THIS eval ?"

And then in the second example does the fact that SIZE is first in the Eval, 
effectively *push* the accumulator into position two or something?  So that's 
why you need @2 ?

And then what would be the meaning of ";@" at the end of that?

Pretty confusing stuff!

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