For me, the key point is knowing how many records per day are going to be
written to the log. If it's a reasonably small amount, better to write out
to a text file with the log date as the key, makes for easy log reading. If
it's a bit more than that I agree more or less with Phil below. I would
create dynamic subfiles for each month for easy maintenance. The use minimum
modulus is ok but I think we're making a big deal about something that might
not even be a performance issue. Once again, the important missing data here
is knowing how many records are to be written.

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I would probably use a distributed file, with a key based on some date
elemen, e.g. month. That way you can add partfiles as a month happens and
each file would be a static file of a standard size optimized for the number
and size of records expected for that month. You can then have a rolling
12-month window without the disruption of having to add/delete records
during the same timeframe as you would for purging a dynamic file.

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Once you start splitting groups, there's overhead on every write where that
occurs, possibly creating a bottleneck. Dynamic files are good for files
with non-consistent item sizes, and also for files with oversized items, but
that's not the case here. I'd go with a "wide & shallow" static file for
this purpose, even if you  had to make it distributed to account for size.
Since most of what you'll do with this file is write to it, I wouldn't worry
too much about empty groups.
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> I have very little experience with using dynamic (type 30) files and 
> I'm looking for some pointers in that regard. I have a file that I am 
> considering creating as a dynamic file. The file will be a log file 
> with sequential numeric keys. The record size will normally range from 
> about 200 to 700 bytes, with a probable maximum size of less than 
> 1,000 bytes. We expect the file to continually grow without deletions 
> and we will likely purge it annually. What are the pro's and con's of 
> creating this file as type 30 verses other file types?
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> Scott Zachary
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