Our competitor, who shall be nameless in this post, has only changed their
version number in last 9 months.  We have added features and more features
in the last two week than we ever thought we could.

   1. XLr8Dictionary Editor
      - Ability to create indexes
      - Ability to delete indexes
      - Ability to build indexes
      - Ability to save your dictionary file to a tab delimited file which
      then you can print in Excel
      - You can added edit dictionaries that begin with "CON."
   2. XLr8Editor
      - Content Assist (Control-space) is loaded with UniBasic commands for
      Unidata only.  (Universe in a few weeks)
      - The outline of variables and subroutines can be sorted
      alphabetically either ascending or decending

Thanks again to our team who keep pushing the boundaries of what can be
done in weeks that use to take us months.

"XLr8 tools for Universe and Unidata"
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