You can place all of your dictionaries into a separate account, in a separate directory. Create valid update permissions for an administrator to this database directory and read permissions for users, and anyone else


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But with programmers able to create new DICT entries as they will, how do you 
*keep* it spotless?

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Regardless of the toolset, the first hurdle would be to normalise your database
to look like a relational one. Which is likely to be the greatest hurdle. Data
dictionaries in U2/PICK are optional are a purely for reporting purposes - they
can have duplicates and these can be conflicting. Even worse (as if you thought
it could be) - data dictionaries can be incomplete or wrong. This added to the
lack of enforcement of data integrity and constraints usually causes these
toolsets to fail (indeed, even the UV/ODBC driver fails too!)... so good luck!

Rocket released U2 Metadata Manager to assist in this respect and is designed to
allow forward and backwards capability. Although, support for this in UV is
limited to the latest official release... so your alternative is UV/ODBC...

For UV/ODBC users - I have always recommended a separate UV account and data
dictionary that is spotless. For some this is the best option - why go against
the flow - when you create your own stream...

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