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I think Don is spot on - substitute time off and other consequences
for finger breaking, though the Italian in me is quite partial to the
finger solution.

It's assumed that the norm is to have bad dicts with no documentation
- a problem that needs to be remedied. That's just "accepted" norm. If
it's clear that it's not accepted then it doesn't become the norm
which then requires some sort of remedy. If the norm is established as
policy, and consequences for failure to adhere to policy are well
known, then most of these problems with administering chaos go away.
That goes for backups, version control, comments, application of
patches/updates, and other areas where change (or inaction) in an
environment can have adverse effects.


> From: Don Robinson
> Wj,
> <Sarcasm on>:
> Use the Don security theory, first offense, cut off a couple of 
> fingers, second offense, cut off right hand, problem solved.
> <Sarcasm off>
> Seriously, this boils down to a management issue, employee
> and "buy in".
> Don

> From: Wjhonson>
> But with programmers able to create new DICT entries as they will,
> do you *keep* it spotless?

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