> From: Jerry Banker 
> Are any of you using some sort of anti-fraud software? If so, what?
> you build it yourself or is there a software package out there that
> work with UniVerse.

Could you be more specific?

If you're talking about protecting your BASIC apps in the field, I can
describe how our Nebula R&D products are activated and protected.
Comments and suggestions are welcome from our colleagues here.

In summary, I have a security mechanism which I've considered offering
as a separate product. The user sends a key request and we return a
key which locks the product to the specific system over a limited or
infinite period of time. It's evolved in response to changing
environments, and now works with all MV platforms and versions, OS's
and OS versions, can be used with different company products, and keys
to specific product versions. I can provide more info on request.

Tony Gravagno   
Nebula Research and Development         
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