Hi folks,


I have a UNIDATA program that is being run from a Windows Task Schedule
entry that is failing on a WRITE statement and I'm having a heck of a
time figuring out why.  Here are some key observations and discoveries
so far:


-  The WRITE statement has an ON ERROR that is not being executed.

-  Just before the WRITE statement, FILEINFO shows the file is OPEN and
has a permissions value of 6 (R/W).

-  It does not always fail but when it does fail, it will continue to
fail on that input file every time the program is run from the Windows

-  If I run the program directly, from my logged in session, it works
perfectly every time.

-  Every tool I have says there is nothing wrong with the file I'm
writing into.

-  There are 3 indexes on this file but they are all flagged to allow

-  There are 2 triggers on this file that monitor and report for
specific record ID's. (Very basic/simple logic.)


I've pretty much exhausted ways, and things, that I know of to check
for.  This is a very specific problem that is somehow related to the
data that is being processed.  Can anyone think of something else I can
check for?


Thanks for your thoughts,


Bob W


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