David is correct that you should use Windows server to run U2 products for a business environment. However, there is a role for running everything on a single Windows 7 machine for demos, proof-of-concepts, development, etc.

There is no need to worry about Windows reboots for a non-24/7 environment, and what you've discussed so far would not lead anyone to think you need 24/7 uptime. So, Windows is perfectly acceptable and, IMHO of course, even more acceptable than a 'nix' environment for this kind of low-use configuration.

Just a thought...

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Yes, but they will be running windows - which NEVER needs to be reboot unless 
Something really serious!


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Hi Bob,
Post migration, one thing for consideration might be user education
regarding the new use of their workstation/PC?
No more will the user just be able to re-boot it when it freezes etc or
shut it down each night at home-o'clock.

On 19/11/13 05:55, Woodward, Bob wrote:
Oh, I'd always say go for more memory.  Especially if there are other
Windows apps that are going to be used on that computer.  As to the
locking, the normal record locks inside of UV once it's moved.  Just do
a simple edit of a record on the workstation, then from another
workstation, edit the same record.  If there is a problem, the
workstation hosting UV is probably not locking the records.  When I saw
the problem, it was because the workstation was accessing UV through the
C: drive, which was local, of course.  To fix it, you have to map a
network drive and ONLY use the network drive on that workstation.  The
idea was that local drives didn't NEED to be locked since it's a single
user OS.  At least that's the way it was explained to me.  Come to think
of it, Win7 may not even maintain a network locking table.  Remember, I
said I did this on a PE version where I was pretty much the only user.


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Locking issues once UV is running on the Windows 7 machine, or locking
issues caused by Copying over the data and overwriting the fresh

This won't be a heavily used system (3 or 4 users maximum and even then
should be too taxing).

Should they max out the memory on the PC it's going to be installed on?
Or is 4gb fine?


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One of the things you may need to watch real careful would be locking.
Especially on the workstation that is hosting UV.   Then, as long as all
the drive letters are the same as on the server, everything should be
okay.  Of course, YMMV but I've done this type of swapping on my home
network with the personal edition a number of years ago.

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Had someone ask me this question.  They are downsizing their PC's

They have UV currently installed on a Windows Server PC - and each of
the PC's using wintergate to access it.
This server is having some issues, so they want to move UV off of it,
and have it run on one of their "client" PC Running windows 7.

My thought was that you would install UV on that PC, Then (with the
services off), copy the file structure from The Server to the PC.
Assuming the all the folders are named the same on both systems for the
install. And of Course remove UV from the Server once all it good.

Should this be all that would be needed?

Will UV function on a Windows 7 PC?
Can it be used as working PC - as well as be a UV server?

Everything I've heard says it should run by itself - but - can it run on
a PC as background service?

George Gallen
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Accounting/Data Division, EDI
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