Going along this train of thought. What if you setup a new printer and make the
Device's filename to be a script filename. Then when you setup the SP.ASSIGN and
Then do your LIST ... it will send the output directly to your script.

Granted, you will need to setup a new "printer" device on the UV system account
But that shouldn't be too difficult.

But - Personally, I'd opt for Trigger method and have the subroutine also track
Deletes and Changes as well as Adds. However the Trigger method has filename 
naming constraints
As well as permissions issues to allow the setting of the Trigger, however, a 
Of this list will yield some trigger setup tips from about 6 months ago I 


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Good morning David.

While the answers you've gotten regarding triggers are valid, they're
perhaps an overly complicated solution to your problem.

Your statement that LIST FILE.NAME LPTR gives you the info you need seems to
imply to me that the record key is numeric and generated sequentially.   If
so, then there's a control record in the existing system that you should be
able to retrieve.   And it may be as simple as finding the &NEXT.AVAILABLE&
record in the dictionary of the file that you're looking at.   If not, it's
going to be stored in a parameter file somewhere.   Unfortunately that
"somewhere" is a nasty word given that you are new to universe...

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to universe (a complete noob) and I couldn't quite find what I was
looking for on google and I've been smashing my face against this for a
while until I stumbled upon this mailing list so I was wondering if anyone
could help me out here.

I'm writing a script that will hopefully alert me via email whenever a new
record is added to a particular universe file, if there is a better way to
do this I would be all ears. I'm working around another proprietary system
which operates on universe and I dont know enough about universe to really
say for sure what is proprietary and what is universe standard code and the
proprietary stuff is covered in NDA's and no touchy hand slappy orders so I
cannot really modify the way it works, I just need to know when a new entry
appears, preferably via an smtp email.

My Current plan works like this

I'm looking to regularly (every 5 minutes) output data into a text or csv
file, doesn't matter really, so long as it is not full of characters that
batch scripts hate and it can happen in an automated fashion.

The closest thing I can get to what I want right now is


this lists all the records and dumps them in a spool file under
/var/spool/uv/ and then a script I have written in the past retrieves that
spool file for me, I have trained that spool file to look for specific
markers in the first line of the file and apply a particular script to it

This spooled print job gives me a list of the records that I can then sort
numerically, pick the highest number, check that number against what the
number was last time and alert me via email if its different.

Ultimately I would love for a regularly running script to just output the
highest record (maybe sort numerically and give me the highest number and
dump just that number into a file on the unix box for me to retrieve and the
work with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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