When you say "fills with junk" what you may be seeing is just that the "end" of 
the file is moving forward.  So the rest of the file in your view, is really 
just stuff that's not garbage-cleaned because Universe knows where the true end 
really is, but Windows/Unix doesn't know.  So it has no need to space fill or 
null fill the leftover ends of files or groups within files.  The true end 
boundary is marked by a special character, or a pre-known length.

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        Wow, overwhelming response to this question, thank you VERY MUCH for 
all of your idea's, I have a lot to process and decide what I can achieve... as 
a bit of background that I probably should have included, I am running UniVerse 
11.1.9 on an IBM AIX box.

So far Bruce Decker seems to have the most appealing option if I can get it 
going, I'm sure I be full of more questions than answers in a few days, I just 
hope making this script doesn't make me the go to guy at work when someone 
needs weird universe stuff done... *gulp*

Oh and its a database that is populated by a contact form from a secure website 
which then alerts the old terminal sessions that this business used in the 
past, but since they switched to a web interface for the software and hardly 
anyone uses the terminal full time any more the items sit there sometimes for 
hours before a response, so yes I want to be spammed by this all day long, and 
once it works I can point that spam at a receptionist or two :)

The problem with notifying just on changes, is the file changes every time an 
individual reads a record and marks a particular record as "READ" for that user 
by removing their name from the "users who have not read this yet" column, the 
file size never changes unless it needs to grow and when records are deleted it 
simply fills with junk, which I take it is a standard universe thing it does, 
at this point the numbers appear sequential but that is best guess sigh.

The vendor is incredibly secretive, they wont tell me how it works and their 
NDA says I am not allowed to memorize how their interface works... WTF so YAY 
obscure software that we cant leave because we are backed into a corner! /end 

Anyway thanks for all the help guys, so glad I found this place!                
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