Can you get what you need using GETREADU?

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In UniData, if you do a READU you can find out the User ID who has the
record locked by using the STATUS() function; this returns the 'UID' 
value.  Here's a list of users:

3 Dev (0)-> lu

Licensed(UDT+CP)/Effective      Udt     Sql     iPhtm Pooled          Total

     (  24 + 1   ) / 25          1       0       0 0               1

1   2488 197612 AsiAdmin  phantom pts/1   Console 10:42:32 Jan 15 2014
   2   3920 197610 JohnSmith udt     pts/2  08:15:33 Jan 
28 2014
   3    180 197608 udcsuser udcs    pts/3   udcs          09:22:57 Jan 
28 2014
   4   3840 197608 udcsuser  udcs    pts/4   udcs 09:23:08 Jan 28 2014

Now, if John Smith goes to read and lock a record that is locked by port#3,
how can I figure out which port# actually has the record locked, since the
UniData GETUSER() function only returns the UID, and that user, because it
is a UniObjects user, is connected on more than one port#?

I have a file managed at login that keeps track of the PORT#s and the
associated users assigned by our application.  I want our logging to report
that a record lock by user so-and-so on port {n} is already in place.


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