Thanks Colin & David.  That's what I did; what a dance though!

I wonder why anyone would want STATUS() to return a value that doesn't give us the means to resolve the problem (as in what terminal, or what UO program was locking the record)? PORT.STATUS is of no value in a web environment because it's too slow and doesn't return a call stack on a UO process.

It's be really nice if we could get any information about a port/process simply by querying some object, instead of having to remember some esoteric function whose data we need to parse through. Kind of like UD not telling us which darned dbms account a user is logged into!

Thanks again.

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That's what we used to use. It's a little more of a pain as you have to
parse through the output to find the correct record - but it should give you
need. It's simply list.readu output in an array.


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Can you get what you need using GETREADU?

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In UniData, if you do a READU you can find out the User ID who has the
record locked by using the STATUS() function; this returns the 'UID'
value.  Here's a list of users:

3 Dev (0)-> lu

Licensed(UDT+CP)/Effective      Udt     Sql     iPhtm Pooled          Total

      (  24 + 1   ) / 25          1       0       0 0               1

    1   2488 197612 AsiAdmin  phantom pts/1   Console       10:42:32 Jan 15 2014
    2   3920 197610 JohnSmith udt     pts/2  08:15:33 Jan 28 2014
    3    180 197608 udcsuser  udcs    pts/3   udcs          09:22:57 Jan 28 2014
    4   3840 197608 udcsuser  udcs    pts/4   udcs          09:23:08 Jan 28 2014

Now, if John Smith goes to read and lock a record that is locked by port#3,
how can I figure out which port# actually has the record locked, since the
UniData GETUSER() function only returns the UID, and that user, because it
is a UniObjects user, is connected on more than one port#?

I have a file managed at login that keeps track of the PORT#s and the
associated users assigned by our application.  I want our logging to report
that a record lock by user so-and-so on port {n} is already in place.



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