Sorry, I forgot to reply...

I vaguely recall having a "jobnotify" errors when we migrated to AIX6.1 and 
UV11.1.9 during the testing phases...but do not recall if it was the "913" 
version you got...I cannot find my notes on this and didn't raise it as a 
problem case with Rocket...

You could be occasionally running out of user processes - but only when the 
system is busy... or perhaps some settings are not optimised for your server / 
license, etc.

A quick check is to verify 'ulimit' sessions for your UV session (do a ulimit 
-a at the shell prompt). 

Check the current values of the ULIMIT and SHMMNI kernel parameters. SHMMNI 
should be set to Number of Users + 2. (This is from a Rocket UV11 tech note)

Finally, I think we also ran into issues with running out of LCTs...not 
necessarily  relayed to the jobnotify error... This was another configuration 
issue not documented in the install guide at the time. That required of the  
tweaking of the UVCONFIG NUSERS parameters to ensure that everything was 
'optimised', etc. and documented in the tech guidese "UniVerse 11.1 - Before 
You Upgrade.pdf" (previously  "What You Need To Know for Eleven One.pdf").

Hope this helps...


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Nearly one week and no responses...

Do I assume no one encountered the 'jobnotify: Error 913 occurred' message or 
has any knowledge of it.

Brendon Leverett

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Subject: jobnotify: Error 913 occurred

We have recently upgraded Universe (10.2.4 to 11.1.15) and are now finding some 
unusual activity around phantom jobs and the documented change to NOTIFY ON.

There are a lot of details behind the scenes but in summary:
- started  a job via phantom command (phantom SYNC.COPY.BNET)
- noticed 90 mins later that this job had crashed. This crash happens for 
various reasons but is more frequently crashing since the upgrade
- restarted the same job with the same phantom command At this time the 
following 3 lines of text was returned to the user's session:
jobnotify: Error 913 occurred
[15466830] SYNC.COPY.BNET - terminated
Phantom process started with process ID 33161456

Seems the 1ST 2 lines of text related to the previous phantom and 3rd line 
related to the phantom just started.

My Q is:
Does anyone have any ideas about the specific message
jobnotify: Error 913 occurred

We are running on AIX.

Brendon Leverett

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