a crazy idea, but you could use emacs - it even works on character based
terminals, so no client side to install.  it can spell check and do
autocorrection using flyspell-mode (though it sounds like abbrev-mode is
more like what you want).  i shudder to think of training users in emacs
though :-)

rather than transferring the files around, how about a web based
editor?  seems better than installing something on the client and
dealing with uploads.

http://www.kevinroth.com/rte/demo.htm is free, or
http://www.telerik.com/?context=products&step=1 looks nifty.

you could have the terminal fire off a browser, and when they click
"submit" the text would be saved back via cgi and the browser window


On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 10:23, Barrie Matovcik wrote:
> A snowy hello from Maryland.  Does anyone know of a UniVerse or System
> Builder Word Processing package?  We require spell checking, including
> the input of custom dictionary items and what MSWord calls AutoCorrect.
> This is a process that would take "shortcut" codes from the input and
> convert them to previously defined strings of perhaps technical, medical
> information.
> We currently have our staff enter the document, including the shortcut
> codes, in Word, then AutoCorrect it to convert the codes to text, then
> use System Builder to transfer the temporary ".txt" file to a record in
> one of our UniVerse files.
> Thanks for any responses. 
> Barrie Matovcik 
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