Title: Looking for Software
The following are some thoughts as there are lots of options if you are using SB+ depending on your (windows)clients and skill sets.
Are you running SB+ in CUI or GUI mode? Do you have someone with a clue about windows programming on your team? Are you prepared to retrain your users to use something other than Word? Are you running Samba (or similar) on the unix server?
SB+ is somewhat ActiveX object aware, so in theory you can imbed the Word document into an SB+ GUI screen (i haven't tried but it should be possible).
SB+ can use Windows Host Scripting to perform very powerful windows integration functions.
As Dawn pointed out, it is not difficult to call a Unix editor and then you don't have to mess around with windows programming & transfers.
You could use the SE editor included with SB+ and then run the text through a spell checker - Google, there are bound to be lots of open source ones.
You can use Word and transfer the data back using samba, DDE, the windows clipboard or calling Uniobjects from within Word to drop the text into the database. Word also allows you to save files using FTP.
This topic has come up on the sbsolutions list before - check the archives there too.
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A snowy hello from Maryland.  Does anyone know of a UniVerse or System Builder Word Processing package?  We require spell checking, including the input of custom dictionary items and what MSWord calls AutoCorrect.  This is a process that would take "shortcut" codes from the input and convert them to previously defined strings of perhaps technical, medical information.

We currently have our staff enter the document, including the shortcut codes, in Word, then AutoCorrect it to convert the codes to text, then use System Builder to transfer the temporary ".txt" file to a record in one of our UniVerse files.

Thanks for any responses.
Barrie Matovcik

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