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Thanks.  That (using DOS \C rather than sh -c)  got rid of the error message, but it did not seem to create a file.
Looks like I have the wrong syntax, but it is rather hard to look up the documentation!
I still feel uncomfortable using an undocumented feature - no security it will not disappear or change.
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From: Daly, Mark
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 10:23 AM
Subject: RE: mkdbfile: create file in another account

Well, I just posed this question - and mkdbfile was the suggestion that won!
However, I didn't create a VOC entry. The idea (I believe) is to execute this command at the OS prompt - not TCL.
Since it looks like you're on Windows it would be something like so:
EXECUTE 'sh -c "cd C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV; ':SYSTEM(32):'\bin\mkdbfile DATA \XXINV\KKINV 30 1 4 20 50 80 1068'
 It's not documented, since it's really an internal UV command - as opposed to a TCL statement of BASIC function.
The CREATE.FILE verb needs to be enhanced to perform this function - and prevent us from dabbling in the 'bin' directory. But until then - this is the way to go.
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From: Kate Stanton [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 4:17 PM
Subject: mkdbfile: create file in another account

Does anyone know anything about using mkdbfile (from UV bin) to create a file in an account other than the current user account?
A colleague told me about it, but it does not seem to be documented, and does not seem to work on my  
 UV 10.0.17 system on Windows 2000, as it does on his UV on Windows something.
I tried, according to his instructions:
VOC mkdbfile
0001: V
0002: mkdbfile
0003: E
0004: FG
Then, from TCL: mkdbfile C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV 30 1 4 20 50 80 1068
C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV is pathname of file to create
30 is file type
1 is modulo
4 is separation
20 is hash type
50 is max load
80 is split load
1096 is large record size
This gave error message: invalid filetype specified
I feel very nervous about using something that is not documented, so presumably may not be reliably supported.
Anyone know anything, please?
Cheers,  Kate
Kate Stanton
Walstan Systems Ltd
4 Kelmarna Ave, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
ph +64 9 360 5310  fax +64 9 376 0750
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