Actually that's a very interesting point, especially considering Microsoft just made their Services for Unix toolkit available for $0 (plus a piece of your soul: Passport account required). That would get sh working.

Kesselhut, Lothar wrote:

Probably a little over the top for this problem, and apologies if this was
already suggested, but you could also use a real shell instead of CMD. We've
used Hamilton C shell for over six years. You also get a full Unix-like
suite of commands (grep, cat, tar, ls, etc.) <>

This isn't free, but Cygwin is. Both work fine with UniVerse.

Lothar Kesselhut

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You may be striking a bug in the UV "dos /c ..." command, which has some,
err, foibles ...

1)  The command string MUST be enclosed in single quotes (this is not
documented anywhere)

so, you must say DOS /c '<my DOS command string',

not DOS /c "<my DOS command string"

2)  If you try to pass a parameter enclosed in double quotes, you are in
trouble :-(

     So DOS /c 'blat.exe -s:"a subject with spaces" ...' just doesn't work,
the double quotes get mangled.

I have cases opened on both issues with IBM, and have tested a patched
version of UV that solves the second problem.  I understand this will be
released with the next windows 10.0.x version, and presumably included in
the subsequent 10.1.x.  Dunno when, if ever, the documentation issue will be

The work-round for the second problem that is least awful is to generate a
batch file (DOS .bat extension) on the fly in your UniBasic program, and
then run that .bat file from the DOS /c command.

Call me on (04) 2371828 if you want a better explanation!



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Thanks.  That (using DOS \C rather than sh -c)  got rid of the error
message, but it did not seem to create a file.

Looks like I have the wrong syntax, but it is rather hard to look up the

I still feel uncomfortable using an undocumented feature - no security it
will not disappear or change.

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Subject: RE: mkdbfile: create file in another account

Well, I just posed this question - and mkdbfile was the suggestion that won!

However, I didn't create a VOC entry. The idea (I believe) is to execute
this command at the OS prompt - not TCL.

Since it looks like you're on Windows it would be something like so:

EXECUTE 'sh -c "cd C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV;
':SYSTEM(32):'\bin\mkdbfile DATA \XXINV\KKINV 30 1 4 20 50 80 1068'

 It's not documented, since it's really an internal UV command - as opposed
to a TCL statement of BASIC function.

The CREATE.FILE verb needs to be enhanced to perform this function - and
prevent us from dabbling in the 'bin' directory. But until then - this is
the way to go.



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From: Kate Stanton [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 4:17 PM
Subject: mkdbfile: create file in another account

Does anyone know anything about using mkdbfile (from UV bin) to create a
file in an account other than the current user account?

A colleague told me about it, but it does not seem to be documented, and
does not seem to work on my

 UV 10.0.17 system on Windows 2000, as it does on his UV on Windows

I tried, according to his instructions:

VOC mkdbfile

0001: V

0002: mkdbfile

0003: E

0004: FG



Then, from TCL: mkdbfile C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV 30 1 4 20 50 80


C:\BeaconUV\DevelData\XXINV\KKINV is pathname of file to create

30 is file type

1 is modulo

4 is separation

20 is hash type

50 is max load

80 is split load

1096 is large record size

This gave error message: invalid filetype specified

I feel very nervous about using something that is not documented, so
presumably may not be reliably supported.

Anyone know anything, please?

Cheers, Kate

Kate Stanton
Walstan Systems Ltd
4 Kelmarna Ave, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
ph +64 9 360 5310 fax +64 9 376 0750
ah +64 9 378 9594


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