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A question: does this quote mangling behaviour occur at real TCL or just from an SB+ SH.SHELL prompt. The SH.SHELL mangles double quotes - so that may be your problem.
Note that the double quotes work without nesting or escaping them in the following command (tested on UV10.0.4 & 10.0.10):
DOS /C "NET USER anuser anuserpassword /ADD /FULLNAME:"an user" /COMMENT:"an application user." /HOMEDIR:E:\uvaccounts\anaccount"

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You may be striking a bug in the UV "dos /c ..." command, which has some, err, foibles ...
1)  The command string MUST be enclosed in single quotes (this is not documented anywhere)
      so, you must say DOS /c '<my DOS command string',
      not DOS /c "<my DOS command string"
2)  If you try to pass a parameter enclosed in double quotes, you are in trouble :-(
     So DOS /c 'blat.exe -s:"a subject with spaces" ...' just doesn't work, the double quotes get mangled.
I have cases opened on both issues with IBM, and have tested a patched version of UV that solves the second problem.  I understand this will be released with the next windows 10.0.x version, and presumably included in the subsequent 10.1.x.  Dunno when, if ever, the documentation issue will be addressed.
The work-round for the second problem that is least awful is to generate a batch file (DOS .bat extension) on the fly in your UniBasic program, and then run that .bat file from the DOS /c command.
Call me on (04) 2371828 if you want a better explanation!

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