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> Morning, all.
> We are having a problem with users unable to access SAMBA shares
> when using VPN. I am sharing directories on our 2 HP Unix boxes
> (HP-UX 10.20) using SAMBA 2.0.7. Locally connected users can open
> the shares quite happily, but anyone connecting through VPN
> (including me) is faced with "\\hp-cad  is not accessible. The
> network name cannot be found."  We have been using both the Intel
> and Cisco VPN clients with the same result. This problem has been
> with our facilities management provider for several weeks with no
> result. Anyone have any ideas ???

Off topic but you can email me the smb.conf file and I can take a
look at it.

We are using hp's samba port (11.0B).  I can connect to it via Cisco
IPSEC vpn w/nat passthru and vpn  groups.

Also if you email the smb.conf show me what/where your vpn
connections are coming from and how  they are being


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