In universe, the -1 is specifically tested for appending, not an "accident" as indicated (in scd.c) Maybe that is how it worked in Pick, but not in PI or UV.

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It was this way on PI as well.

Bear in mind that the <-1> syntax was an "accident" - as originally implemented the search mechanism simply decremented to zero or the end of the string, and some bright spark realised that if you started with a negative number then it would always hit the end of the string rather than zero. So the counter-intuitive result that appending null to null gives null isn't so strange. This behaviour is probably copied from "original Pick".

We get round it by initialising the variable to "*", and then doing a DEL <1> when we've finished.


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I think this is a "feature".

Universe does NOT insert non-significant nulls. In other words your first two
(A<-1> = '') do not do anything! It is consistent in its' behaviour as you can
count on it to do the above. It has done this as long as I remember.

I found this out through bitter experience.


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Hi All,

Consider the program:

A = ''
A<-1> = ''
A<-1> = ''
A<-1> = 3
A<-1> = ''
A<-1> = 4

I expect it output '3' but it outputs '4'. Whats the explanation? I'm on UV 9.6 [NT] running information flavour.


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