Quick clarification...

The -1 is specifically tested for appending, as Glenn says, but as I'm sure he knows, this has nothing
to do with scd.c (which is used to SEARCH the array, not append). 

The behavior of how to treat "" during appends is actually dependent on the flavour of UV you are
in.  In PI flavor, it will call dyn_ireplace instead of dyn_replace (ala VLIST output).  It is within these
routines that the difference is noted. 

In actuality, you can change this behavior either by having a different account flavor, or by
specifying the $OPTIONS -W options, which will turn off the behavior you are seeing, and
instead will use the Ideal flavor mechanism.

In both cases, however, appending an empty string to an empty string leaves you with an
empty string in both cases. 

In one case, you'd end up with the array being 3:@FM:4 and the other it would be 3:@FM:"":@FM:4


At 10:14 AM 2/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:
In universe, the -1 is specifically tested for appending, not an "accident" as indicated (in scd.c)  Maybe that is how it worked in Pick, but not in PI or UV.

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