Title: RE: Document scan and retrieval (looking for software)
To nitpick - but it catches out a LOT of people - SAMBA is NOT NOT NOT the appropriate software here. It will NOT do what you claim.
Samba allows Windows boxes to access a unix server (and allows that server to join a Windows domain).
If you want to use a unix *client* to access a Windows server, you need smbmount and friends, which are not not not samba. If you want to what you suggest, using samba, you need to get the pcs to save directly into a nix directory which samba has exported to the network, rather than getting a nix box to monitor a windows directory.

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Could also have the PC that is scanning save to a specific directory.
then have a program monitor that directory for new entries, read them, encode them and save them
   somehow then the saved filename would have be linked into the system.
I'm just using pcpaint as an example of a program that might be able to read directly from a scanner
and save in .jpg/.bmp format.
If volume is high, and a number of scanners are being used, then have one central PC share it's directory
and each scanner saves to that directory. Since the directory is shared, you could even have unix system
running SAMBA monitor the directory (thus bringing unix into the picture). The only drawback to having
unix in the setup is that it is more difficult to have unix bring up IE on a PC. But that could be gotten around
if you run a lpr/lpd daemon on the PC which can then take a print job and pass it to a program (ie. RPM
www.brooksnet.com). or use a PC with rsh daemon that would allow the unix system to send the launch
command to the PC. or even a small custom PERL socketed program on the PC which could listen for
a command and launch IE.
Depending on the $$ wanted to be spent.
I don't think a having the image be a type 1/19 file would be good, unless it's base64 or mime encoded, as you could
have char(255)'s imbedded in the image.


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