If you have globally or REALITY cataloged programs, you will need to copy
across your global catalog directory ( from `cat /.uvhome`/catdir). Make
sure you only copy items that are not already in the catdir on your on PC.

Make sure you use uvbackup/uvrestore to copy the accounts, not just a file
copy. Otherwise you will stuff any indexes you may be using.

Oh and it may seem obvious, but make sure you take (and modify) the
UV.ACCOUNT file as well.

Brian Leach


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Behalf Of Donald Kibbey
Sent: 04 February 2004 13:53
Subject: Unix -> Windoze Account(s) Move

I'm attempting to build up an archive copy of our finance system on Windows
XP (Professional).  The app normally runs on an HP Unix machine.  So far
I've been able to move the files, run fnuxi on them and gain rudimentary
access to the data from the command prompt.  What has me a bit stumped is
that the application itself consists of several accounts full of little
subroutines that don't seem to be linked in correctly.  Is there a magic
program that will fixup things like cataloged programs when an account is
moved from Unix to Windoze??  Or should I go through each and every account
and fix these myself?


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