I see you've had no answer yet.  Our guess is that it is something to do
with your distributed hardware.

Have you tried it using just client & server and then gradually change from

HTH,  Kate

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Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 2:54 AM
Subject: COM Exception

I am new to the list and I have search the archives without finding a
result. SO I apologize, in advance, if this is 'old hat' for some of you. I
am in a situation where we are moving from D3 to Universe. I have written a
VB.Net application which will interact with D3 or with Universe depending
upon the value of a switch. I have been successful in setting up the
application to run in a distributed environment (forgive me if that is the
wrong term, the executable and the supporting dll's reside in a centralized
drive on the server and are accessed by the users via a shortcut. The
intention being that when I make mods to the executable I do not have to
reditribute it to each user PC). ANyway, the application runs fine when
accessing the D3 server, but when I try to access the Universe server, I get
the following error:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COM exception (0x80040154): COM object with
CLSID {blah blah blah} is either not valid or not registered.
at ISOComplaintLog.ISOForm.Connect_To_UV()
at ISOComplaintLog.ISOForm.Build_Employee_List_UV()
at ISOComplaintLog.ISOForm..ctor()

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


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