When I try to access a UniData 6.0 instance via the UniOLEDB Provider (dll
version 1.4.4) with a .NET application, I'm unable to successfully connect
to the database regardless of whether I try to create an OleDBConnection
object in code or through the designer.  

When I click "test connection" on the Connection Wizard in designer mode, I
get the following error:

Microsoft Data Link Error:
"Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider.  Died
in UCI::SQLConnect() with SQLSTATE IM976, Native error: 0 [IBM][SQL
Client]UCI connections to non UniVerse databases is not allowed."

When I try to connect through C# code with the following connect string...

I get the following error even though the UniOLEDB documentation explicily
states that the provider changed from "Ardent.UniOLEDB" to
"Informix.UniOLEDB" (I tried Ardent.UniOLEDB as well):
"Additional information: The 'Informix.UniOLEDB' provider is not registered
on the local machine."

The part that's bothering me is that I can use the UniOLEDB interface to
connect to UniData just fine on the same machine using Visual Basic 6.0 with
ADO or Access 2000 (with ODBC).  I can't figure out why the older generation
of tools (prior to .NET) works fine but the .NET generation can't use it.

Has anyone had this problem?  Is anyone succesfully using UniDataOLEDB with
the .NET OleDBConnection object?

Thanks in advance, your insight is greatly appreciated!
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