The way I understand it, you create a FIFO pipe in /dev, the the utility
would interface with the portserver,
   either via telnet or another protocol, and route it to the fifo file.
On our old system (digital unix), we used LAT for the terminal servers, and
the procedure was a little different
   they weren't fifo's, and were manipulated with latcp, but then LAT is a
whole nuther problem.

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I'm very interested in how this all pans out...
We're working on trying to get some Annex3 term servers working with an IBM
p650, and get several devices (printers, badge scanners, and other async
stuff) set up in such a way that we can use them on this new machine.  We're
currently running UniData 5.1.30 on a DG Aviion 9500, and connectivity to
these devices works great, and has for years.  There's an rtelnet program
that runs under AIX, but it doesn't play well with others as it likes to
consume an entire CPU.  (!!)  
On those digi port servers, am I correct in assuming that one would run a
utility to create an entry in /dev that points to a port on the portserver?
And, if so, is it a well adjusted program that likes to play with others?

  -- John Solie -- Professional Hospital Supply



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I just got a digiport server running on Universe/Linux.  We have a
door/people counter on it and an RF mux.  We used cat5 basic wiring with
rj45 to db25 converters.  Pins 2, 3, 7 (tx, rx, sig gnd) are all that were
needed.  If the digi driver installs properly and such it should be pretty

Anthony Dzikiewicz


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We are considering connecting a scale [used to weigh parts] having an RS-232
port to our HP Unix, UniVerse-based ERP system.


Digi appears to have the best unit to go from serial to ethernet.  While we
do have an HP serial port "hub", I would rather not wire a serial home-run
from the server to the scale.


Thus, I seek suggestions on voodoo to best make a connection between say
UniBasic and/or UniObjects and a serial or ethernet device.  




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