RPL is alive and well.  Realtime Software Corporation maintains the language
and has made many enhancements.  For a short while back in '95 I was doing
minor assembler maintenance on it, and porting it to new AP and D3 releases.

Realtime also continues to maintain, enhance, and sell the BCP/MCS business
software for which RPL is usually recognized.  That software is the best and
most feature-rich business package I've ever seen - I don't make comments
like that casually.  There are a lot of long-term existing sites and new
ones being installed all the time.

These days RPL and the BCP/MCS package are only offered over D3.  I can
provide more info if requested.


Eugene Perry wrote:
>I just supported a large client in Detroit that was using RPL 
>just a year and a half ago.  They were running 50+ virtual 
>machines on 3 DG/UX servers.
Will at <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Actually RPL was alive and well into, at least, the early 80s.

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