You could do it if your application has a single piece of code that handles the input of data, in this area you could have it loop and check for a message that needed to pop up when not getting characters. You may also be able to tap into the windows messenger service to send messages to users (on windows platforms).

-- Bryan

Charlie Rubeor wrote:

Does anybody know if it is possible to send a wintegrate pop-up box to a
different user, from either a unibasic program or a shell script?
Specifically, if Fred is trying to access a record, which is locked by
Barney, is it possible to have a pop-up box appear on Barney's screen?
Currently, we send an email to Barney, which does not work well if Barney
does not have his email client open.

This is just one example.  Our users are currently thinking up several more
applications where they would like to do this, if it is possible.


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