Curious, I find the reverse to be true. Since I usually read in threads, I find that having to scroll through the last part to get to the current part mildly annoying. With the post after, I find myself skipping replies because the top looks familiar when I scan through my mail.

- Charles 'Getting too Curmudgeonly to be Flexible' Barouch

Susan Lynch wrote:

Ray DeGennaro at Eaglerock IS [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


with some explanations of why Netiquette is the way is it.


Ray, thank you for the informative links.  Interesting to discover that what
had appeared to be a stylistic preference is actually a rule of etiquette,
when I had always found it mildly annoying to have to search (or scroll down
past) a previously read (or composed) message to ferret out the answers to
the questions asked.  Oh, well, one must have a flexible attitude...

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