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> Susan,
>     Curious, I find the reverse to be true. Since I usually read in 
> threads, I find that having to scroll through the last part to get to 
> the current part mildly annoying. With the post after, I find myself 
> skipping replies because the top looks familiar when I scan through my
> mail. 

Which brings us to the dropping of the other shoe: Top or bottom posting 
should include e generous amount of trimming; enough that the entire 
message can fit in one screen. There are always exceptions, but I try very, 
very, very hard to remove most of the previous posters message, other than 
what I need to make my response make sense. 

Of course, I blame the whole top-posting problem on Microsoft. Until they 
suddenly "got" the Internet and dumped OE on us only rank newbies would top 
post, and it normally only took one "correction" to correct the error. M$ 
makes it so hard to post properly that many never try any more....

IHNSHO, post however you want (I'll figure it out) but for digest-sake make 
sure to trim. (Ever try to read a digest from a group of non-trimming 
top-posters?) ;)

~ kevin zollinger

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