Ah, if only you had asked the list (or check the archives), before you
started...someone would've let you know about this 'feature'. Both U2
products have this same feature, IIRC.

Lots of others have found out the hard way too. Many have gone the way of
connection pools or some other middleware. IBM would like you to use
Redback, which is their official 'middleware' for U2 products.

There are stacks of postings in the online archives, which discuss what your
after. Some are useful, like this...


Although this article talks about UV, some of the concepts may also be
applicable to UD...


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Subject: UniOLEDB Threading issue

Using Unidata 5.1 on AIX.

We've developed a web based application which
uses UniOLEDB to read/write from Unidata. After
a lot of hair pulling we've discovered that although
the OLEDB provider appears to thread correctly the
udsrv process on Unidata serialises all requests. This
has effectively left us with an application that supports
one concurrent user!

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar
issues, I opened a case with IBM to be
told it won't be fixed in the near future.

Looking at a complete rewrite with Raining Data's
Pick Data Provider. Anyone using it?



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