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Although I have requested IBM to look at some of the issues associated with OOo and U2 it would appear that the 'not invented here' syndrome prevents them from doing anything constructive; this is not a criticism, just an observation. I am surprised though that with IBM really pushing the Linux strategy that OOo is not seen as an alternative to MS Office for Linux on the desktop.

Actually, it's more of this:

"As part of its initiative to put Linux on the desktop, IBM Corp. wants to migrate Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite to Linux. Microsoft said it's not involved and suggests that IBM might do it by emulation."

from: http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/02/13/HNlinuxoffice_1.html

I don't think this is a good move...MS-Office is bloatware, and as MS patents it's XML formats (the Patent Office is sooooo stoopid! Tomorrow, I will patent Air, and start charging everyone on Earth usage fees!), many may move away from it, if only for interoperablity sake. But that's just my personal opinions.

We have someone here is is working on OOo and integrating it with our Unvierse product, Medformix under our version of Linux, MfxLinux. You can email him at [EMAIL PROTECTED] He doesn't get onto mailing lists.


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