Good question. I'm not exactly sure where I got this version - I can't
remember if I've reinstalled the drivers or not. I did get a .dll from IBM a
while back (when I had similar problems). That could be where I got it.

I keep thinking there was something else that might have caused that error
but I can't quite put my finger on it. I do remember having trouble with
files that have 'concatenated keys' using the '*' - I think that is why IBM
sent me the .dll. Have you tried connecting to the demo account - perhaps it
is something in your setup that you have missed....

Colin Alfke
Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Just because something isn't broken doesn't mean that you can't fix it"

Stu Pickles

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>Subject: RE: Unidata ODBC initial setup error - Run out of ideas!!!
>I downloaded the complete Unidata 6.0 Personal Edition to my 
>PC, uninstalled the old Unidata ODBC driver, installed the NEW 
>Unidata ODBC driver, and retried.  Still getting the same 
>message when I try to pull the data into Excel 2000 (as 'Get 
>External Data'):  "Non-numeric was found when numeric required."
>Weird thing though.  I noticed that the current version of the 
>Unidata ODBC driver on IBM's website, is  The 
>version I uninstalled was version  The current 
>version for personal edition, was older than the current 
>version for the full blown version 6.0.
>Colin, you mentioned you had version  Any idea 
>where you actually got that version from, and I'll try to obtain it.
>Any other ideas?  From anyone?
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