But what if IE is not the default viewer for jpegs or pdfs? (admittedly
this is a home setup, but I've barred IE from accessing the network!).

As I said, I think invoking the document will fire up the default
viewer, but although I know it can be done I'm not certain whether that
is the way or not.


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Use the wIntegrate "execute command on pc" function to display the file.
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We do something similar using rsh (wrshdnt runs on each pc)...  I think
the pc command you'd want (assumine internet explorer in a default
/progra~1/intern~1/iexplore {url to where the jpg is located} 

We pass a url that leads to a small *nix machine running apache that
mounts a directory from our production machine.  Just like that, our old
character based application "reaches out", opens IE and sends the user
to the exact pdf they want...
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