BSCAN (last I knew) does not work with Distrbuted File indexes. You can only use BSCAN on the parts, not the whole. It was something that never got implemented when I wrote BSCAN due to the merge complexities of the index files and it was never marked as important enough to implement by the higher-ups at the time.

At 03:40 PM 02/20/2004, you wrote:

We have converted a file from a Static Hashed file to a Distributed File
with 3 Parts:


Each Part File points back to the D_POLICY file for its Dictionary in order
to reduce the overhead of maintaining 4 seperate DICT's

We built indexes on the POLICY file using CREATE.INDEX and BUILD.INDEX.
The Indexes were created as:


These Indexes work fine through Retrieve and Basic, however, when testing
code that uses the BSCAN function with the USING clause, it fails with an
error code 3, stating there are no secondary indices on the file.

Has anyone experienced this, or set up this scenario before?  I'm thinking
there is a compatibility issue with BSCAN and Indexes on a Distributed

Thanks for you help!

- Gary Canedy

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