isn't hs_file_access a local file in the account you want to export tables
from ?
if not create it ?
then see if you can see table from client

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Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 4:30 AM
Subject: ODBC problem - biggie and technical

I'm trying to enable odbc access to an account. odbc is working fine for
other accounts, so it SEEMS to be a problem with just this one account.
However, I suspect I may have damaged the HS.ADMIN account in my efforts
to get this to work :-(

Okay. What's caused the problem is wIntegrate. As you may know (various
people have moaned) it will occasionally terminate a session for no
apparent reason whatsoever. The only program that does this to us is
HS.UPDATE.FILEINFO. You can guess what's coming ...

The "enable odbc access" option in HS.ADMIN calls HS.UPDATE.FILEINFO as
part of its workings. It killed the session half way through ...

After several attempts to get it to behave itself, I am now getting
errors where it is unable to initialise the HS_FILE_ACCESS file. I'm not
sure whether there is supposed to be an HS_FILE_ACCESS file in the
HS.ADMIN account, but if there is, I've accidentally deleted it. It
doesn't appear to be there on my other server, though.

So I'm now stuffed. How do I get HS.ADMIN working again, or
alternatively bypass it completely to enable ODBC access. If anybody
knows what *HS.ACTIVATE does (in detail), or can slip me the source or
tell me where to find it, or can help me some other way, thanks very



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