Nooooo. Let me try and prevent the pain I had to go through.

We avoided Uniobjects because by design its use is for client/server
And it doesn't handle multiple concurrent requests. Knowing this
We used UniOLEDB and it turned out to have concurrency issues as well
whereby the driver threads correctly but the unirpc service queues
All requests and processes them serially. On a simple
Query 1 user takes 5 seconds and if 2 users hit the page they both take
9 to 10 seconds and so on. Our backend is Unidata 5.2 so it may be
for universe but please, please do some concurrency testing before you
Embark on any project. We have had to rewrite totally with Raining
Pick Data provider.



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Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to use Asp with Uniobjects.  Our OS is W2K and the
backend is UV 10.0.10.  I was thinking about creating ActiveX Dll's in
VB6 that would do things like create a UV session, instantiate subr
object, etc.  I read in the u2-users list archive something to the
effect of Uniobjects not being thread safe.  Does that still hold true ?
If so how do you make it thread safe ?



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